Race flyers and calendar from the ACA here!


First race of the 2012 Colorado CX season, Campus Cross on Sept 8th in Colorado Springs. Fresh course. Website with details of cyclocross clinics, training rides and upcoming 'cross events: Pikes Peak Velo

Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb RESULTS. Good weather conditions and an appearance by Alexi Grewal in the Pro 1-2.

One of the toughest cycling challenges in North America. Climb a 14'er on your bike. Relentless.

Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb July 21st.

Saturday July 7th and Sunday July 8th; two days of Masters Track Cycling at the 7-Eleven Velodrome.

Championship Flyer.   Website with more info.

A trackie favorite, and Colorado State Championship for TT events at the Velo: Hammer Day

Mario Cipollini has been in the press recently, first for a possible return for retirement, secondly for this video, showing a very "hands on" approach to coaching the women's cycling team sponsored by his MCipollini branded bikes.

It turns out he has a very specific goal for his women's program. Cipollini says, "Since I have left the peloton, I see only small men. These small men, look and ride no different than the women, so I prepare my women to race against."

It turns out that the upcoming US Pro Challenge agrees. In a first for a major event, the UCI will allow Cipollini's team to race head to head with the boys. The earlier petition by Marianne Vos to race the Tour of Italy with the men, was the first step. And even though, that was denied for the individual, Teams will apparently be allowed.

Don't mistake Cipolllini's push as entirely motivated by a proactive interest in feminism. Cipollini goes on to say, "If I am not allowed to return to the peloton, and I must watch from the side, then I must watch bella donne."

The weekend of 3/24 features a stage race starting with a Team Time Trial...good hard stuff: Maveric Classic

It seems like we just put our cyclocross bikes away (O.K., not all of us have), but IT IS time for road.

A good kickoff Time Trial for 2012: Frostbite TT. And yes, it's name is a potential consequence. Maybe choose the fleece skinsuit.