Blue Springs BMX Opening Events

Saturday, March 25 - sign-ups 2:30 to 3:30 Note time changes

Tuesday and Friday night racing starts April 4, sign-ups 6-7:30
ABA Membership Required.
One-year ($45), 30-day ($25) and free 1-day memberships ($8 to race) available at sign-ups.
  " Up-Coming Races"    Sunday, March 19 -- NE State Qualifier (Indoor)

 Saturday, March 25, sign-ups 12-2
Tuesday, April 4 -- sign-ups 6-7:30
Friday, April 7 -- sign-ups 6-7:30
What will the rider count/moto count be?   Log your guess on the message board.

                Race For Life
                         Friday, May 12, 2006

 Sign-ups 6:00-8:00, $5 donation+$5 entry fee
 No membership is required for this race. HELP A GOOD CAUSE AND THROW A PIE AT JERRY OR CHERYL!
The track goal is  $4,000.00 .
To help this great cause, the top 3 fund raisers will get the 1st pie throws.
All others can throw a pie for $5.00 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Race for Life!
Remember-Collect $500.00 and have your Grands entry fees paid by ABA.
Donation envelopes are available at sign-ups