2006 Kansas State TT Championship Results

A dark and stormy start greeted a number of the first riders off at the Kansas Time Trial Championship. Early promises of ideal weather gave way to lightning, blustery wind and rain. At least one athlete chose not to start due to nearby lightning strikes and race crew and county officials were forced to delay the later categories by 30 minutes. The next wave of riders were plagued with several flat tires from the washed up road debris. Post event spirits were raised by an invitation to all to attend a local barbecue/indoor award ceremony. A healthy prize list including Kansas Championship medals were passed out  and many burgers were consumed. A raffle exclusive to the 17 first time riders  (courtesy of Trek Bicycle of KC/Localcycling.com) gave goody bags to two lucky competitors. Riders up to age 70 and from several states participated in this epic.

Roger Lomshek, The KCA and all the helpers put on a first class event under challenging circumstances. Results here. Click the read more to view the Kansas medalists.

2006 Kansas State Time Trial Medalists
Cat 1/2 MenMasters Men 30 - 34Jr Men 10 - 12
Kris Tilford  Chris Chorice  John Funk
 Jason Knight      Kyle Broyer
   Masters Men 35 - 39
Cat 1/2 WomenLynn Neir  Jr Women 13 - 14
Megan Hottman Wade Bieberdorf  Tori Broyer
    Rob Wilshusen    
Cat 3 MenJr Men 15 - 16
Eldon Roush Masters Men 40 - 44Joseph Schmaltz
 Tray Harrison  Frank Jakofcich  John Shipman
 Chris Beer  Craig Bissell  Gerrick Valverde
    Robert Ades    
Cat 3 WomenJr Men 17 - 18
Trina Brock Masters Women 40 - 44Greg Payne
 Teri Stewart  Teresa Jarzemkoski  John Robertson
Cat 4 MenMasters Men 45 - 49
Mark Gyulafia Kent Sinclair    
 Dennis Weinbeck Mark Thomas    
 Jason Porter  Gary Calton    
Cat 4 WomenMasters Men 50 - 54
Sherri Hahn  Bruce Tanner    
 Amy Fear-Bishop Dean Parker    
 Julie Funk  Keck Hartman    
Cat 5 MenMasters Women 50 - 54
Wes Allred  Tammy Spray    
 Darin Paoli        
 James SimoneMasters Men 55 - 59
Dan Perry     
    Max Marsh    
    Ed Byrne