Call To Arms!

This just in from Pete Greig:

Dear racers and cycling fans:
It is with much regret that I must inform you that the Tour of Kansas City is in jeopardy this year.  The Tour has occurred every year since 1963 and is the oldest consecutively held bike race west of the Mississippi. 
Our team was unable to secure tourism funding for the Cliff Drive portion of the event and we do not have enough money from jersey sponsorships to cover the likely deficit that the race normally incurs.  Even with a successful following among the regional race community, the costs to host the race exceed the entry fees by $8000 to $10,000.  My team is willing and anxious to do the work required to put on another great race, but we have been unable to come up with the funding on our own.
As it is our hope that this race will not fade away, I am making one plea to you, the cycling community:
If you know of any business owner, person of influence in a larger corporation or charitable organization, or simply a fan of cycling, please ask them if they would be interested in sponsoring and keeping this event going for a 44th year.  I am looking for sponsors as small as $500, and obviously, as large as the whole $10,000.  No money will be collected until we receive a total commitment of at least $8,000.  At that point the race will be on and we will collect sponsorship.  Sponsorship commitment must be received by June 19th, or the event will be cancelled (actual collection by July 10th).
In exchange, we offer sponsors the opportunity to place logos on our race flyers, website, and T-shirts.  Sponsors will also be allowed to place any sort of banner provided above the start/finish line or on the announcers stage.  A single sponsor of $5,000 or more will receive naming rights (the "Your name here" Tour of Kansas City) and the right of first refusal for the subsequent two years.  Sponsors will also be provided  a reserved space to display any products and/or services.
Please forward this message to all known cycling enthusiasts and contact prospects quickly.  Any prospective sponsor must correspond with me directly (by June 19th!!!). 
In advance, thanks for your time to help the Tour of KC continue into the future.
Peter Greig
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