April Gardner Time Trial

Cold temperatures plus a cruel North wind slowed the times, but a hardy group of chrono heads showed up for the first of the monthly NEET Time Trials at Gardner Airport. Chris and Keri Hess, with some holding help from Mark Breeding, ran a very smooth event, despite having to operate timing equipment with very cold fingers. Click on the 'read more' for complete results:

1.Scott Stephens 14:07
2.Dennis Weinbeck 14:13
3.David White  14:15
4.Eldon Rousch  14:20
5.William Prann  14:25
6.Dean Parker  14:26
7.Jack Mason  14:28
8.David Pitt  14:33
9.Mark Thomas  14:34
10.Dave Bottoms  14:42
11.Steve Wathke 14:45
12.Ryan Broxterman 14:50
13.Craig Henwood 14:58
14.Kyle Montgomery 15:03
15.John Shipman  15:05
16.Patrick Angell 15:21
17.Bill Anderson 15:24
18.Bert Swift  15:36
19.James Davis  15:42
20.Jeffery Bishop 15:47
21.Jared Young  16:03
22.James Bertoncin 16:09
23.Scott Shulda  16:11
24.Teresa Jarzemkoski 16:14
25.Mike Smithmier 16:26
26.Matt Maher  16:27
27.Jamie Galvan  16:36
28.Karl Jackson  16:49
29.James Conway  16:54
30.John Pickett  17:24
31.Brant Ronnin  17:43
32.Art Berger  17:47
33.Sarah Shulda  18:02
34.Sherri Hahn  18:27
35.Donovan Hottman 18:57
36.Richard Bowman 21:20

DNF Robert Ades
DNF Richard Gordon