Championship Countdown

With less than one week to go before the KLM UCI Cyclocross and the combined Kansas and Missouri  Cyclocross State Championships to be held at Wyandotte County Park near the Kansas Speedway, nervous local riders are watching the weather forecast. A possibility of  rain and snow mixtures next week could turn the current fast grass course with wicked runs into a Low Country mud fest.
The wide open venue will be a delight for spectators even if the weather gets heavy. The KLM folks will place a large tent with a view of most of the course to shelter the enthusiastic audience. Of course, with beer provided by the promoters, the spectators should be extra enthusiastic. The circus is in town!



What does the well informed spectator bring to watch a cyclocross race?. If in Belgium you’ll need a warm coat (with the name of your fave rider embroidered), tall rubber boots, a noise maker (cowbells and trombones are just fine), and cigarettes. In Kansas you should bring everything but the smokes.