2005 Kansas and Missouri State Championships

Steve Tilford and Catherine Walberg repeated finishing top of the podium at day two of the weekend's cyclocross racing at Wyandotte County Park. Sunday's event was the combined championship for Kansas and Missouri. Riders from both states and around the region contested in the frigid weather. Since day two was held under USCF rules, an extra board found it's way into "Hooligan Alley". The surprise addition, to what had been a challenging set of doubles,  tripped up several riders. Nearly as treacherous were the acorns that crashed the bare naked streaker who jumped onto the course during the Mens Elite event. The wintery conditions kept the free beer extra cold and the spectators extra enthusiastic. The KLM  folks will be bringing back UCI racing again next year in preparation for the 2007 and 2008 USCF Cyclcross National Championships to be held in Kansas City.