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A very different Blue Valley Park course was utilized for the 2017 Colavita Cup. The venue change from Roanoke Park saw riders tackle one of the hilliest/hardest tracks in recent memory.



This was also a race in the  Cookie Cross Series 

Photos from Jesse Miguel

The Colavita Cup cyclocross races scheduled for October 7th and 8th are still a 'GO". Just be sure to go to the right park! Originally to be held in Roanoke Park, the event is moved to Blue Valley Park (where the season opening Prologue CX was held).


FLYER with correct times 

Some sprinkles in the morning (but not enough to soften some of the rougher spots) before the start of the morning races. Big turnout of kids thanks to the Donderdag! Youth program.

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Photos from Roger Harrison Photos from Jesse Miguel

A pleasant Fall day to turn oneself inside out. The Octoginta Time Trial returned to the classic course on Old K-10 on the East Side of Lawrence.


Photos from Roger Harrison

Radler Cross added a great new event to the local CX scene. Some unseasonably hot weather kept the feed zone active. Lots of kids, some great food, a great park. 


Photos from Roger Harrison Photos from Jesse Miguel

Coming up this week: The Octoginta Time Trail returns. Back to the classic flat course on Old K-10, the last chrono event of the season. FLYER

Sunday October 1st is the next local cyclocross race, Castle 'Cross (Kasteel Veldridjen) held in the the historic Jazz District of Kansas City, MO. Mild temperatures expected, good beer served. FLYER

A fresh race for the metro. A big grassy venue. Welborn Park in Kansas City, KS. This should be an awesome race FLYER

Tuesday MOVEUP 'cross practices in Lawrence FLYER

Final John Brown Time Trial of the season (these are great tuneups for cyclocross efforts) FLYER

Thursday practice at the Joules Cross venue in Lawrence. FLYER

The Octoginta Time Trial returns to finish out the Fall road season on September 30th FLYER

Castle 'Cross (Kasteel Veldrijden) returns on October 1st. Challenging course, urban setting.  FLYER


Two Days of warmish weather at Prologue 'Cross. A big grassy course, warm enough for bottle hand ups in most races.


Many photos of the season opener from Roger Harrision

More photos from Jesse Miguel.

Tuesday in Lawrence: MOVEUP Endurance Coaching Cyclocross Clinic

The Localcycling/Blvds Beginner Cyclocross Clinic is Wednesday 9/13 at Herman Laird Park

Thursday has some options: Joules Cylocross Practice in Lawrence OR the final LifeBalance Time Trial of the year (an excellent way to get some threshold work in...note, will be held at a different venue)

Next local races. Radler CX on 9/24 (flyer coming) and Castle 'Cross on 10/1


It Begins. The opening race for the 2017 Cyclocross season in the KC Metro will be the second year for PrologueCross.

Two Days of racing, Spetember 9th and 10th on the rolling grassy hills of Kansas City's Blue Valley Park (note: NOT Johnson Counties Blue Valley area). Great Prize list. This event was an outstanding production last year.

With folks travelling to Jingle Cross and the Trek World Cup in September, the local schedule has a few holes. Watch for a fresh event, Radler Cross on September 24th.

October 1st is a return to 18th and Vine, Kansas City's Jazz District for the Kasteel Veldrijden (that's Castle 'Cross in English). Facebook page with updates. Flyer soon.