Buh-Bump HR Cream Review

Heart rate monitors are a staple among endurance athletes, so anything to make them more comfortable and more consistent is quite welcome. Buh-Bump heart rate monitor electrode cream from Paceline Products does both beautifully.

Upon receiving the convenient 2.5 ounce flip-top squeeze tube, I instinctively popped open the cap and gave it the sniff test. I was pleased to find that Buh-Bump has almost no scent, only a very slight, soft, neutral hint of lotion. So far so good. The cream is applied directly to the contact point of the heart rate monitor strap. I decided to start with a thin layer and add more if needed. The thin layer conducted the signal well with no gaps in my readings.

The most significant feature of the product was the feel. Buh-Bump helps the HR strap feel less "there." The cream allowed the HR strap to glide on my skin rather than sticking or pulling as is typical when I reach in my jersey pocket or change positions during a bike ride. This also made for more comfort during running and a stretching session afterward. An added bonus is that the cream left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Buh-Bump Heart Rate Monitor Electrode Cream performed very well on all counts.