Tall Boy

Twenty seven inches. Indeed, a 'Tall Boy.'

Yes, we've reviewed pumps before. We like that more and more choices are offered. 

One of the ongoing needs of our team mechanic is to 'top off' time trial wheels at races.

Using a disc adapter and getting things up to correct, usually higher pressures means a lot of pumping and sometimes a lot of one hand pumping.

The Bontrager Turbo Charger HP is a good choice for road wheels in particular. We found that it takes about 10 strokes to go from 60psi to 100psi on a 700c x 25mm tire. Compared to other pumps that took twice as many storkes that was quite a labor savings. In addition, it was not difficult to operate with one hand. One caveat, a shorter mechanic may find the pump more difficult to use with a single hand, but just fine with two.