Bubba Continues

Here are the results and photos to Bubba Cross #3. Click 'read more' for the score. Click here for the fine pics by Action Images.


Event: Bubba Cross #3 – Jefferson Barracks
When: Sunday  October 29th, 2006
Location: Jefferson Barraks Park- St. Louis, Missouri
Sponsor: Big Shark Bicycle
Link to Gallery with more great pictures:  

 A Race:

1st     Josh Johnson         Big Shark Racing    
2nd     Nate Rice             Big Shark Racing      
3rd     Kurt Fletcher         Dent Wizard      
4th     Chris Harre           Big Shark Racing     
5th     Mark Murawski      Gateway Cycling      
6th     Jack Daugherty     Labor Power      
7th     Mark Nagy            Dogfish           
8th     Darrell Bratton      Team Mack           
9th     John Thrasher       Ghisallo Racing           
10th     Josh Carter         Mesa Cycles           
11th     Andy Gibbs         Labor Power           
12th     Tim Kakouris      Ghisallo Racing           
13th     Anthony Dust     St. Louis Cycling Club           
14th     Matt Laberta      Dogfish           
15th     Jeff Shroetlin     Mesa Cycles

B Race:

1st     Ron Bridal        Team Mack    
2nd    Mike Briner       Big Shark Racing     
3rd     Sven Sprogoe   Dogfish      
4th     Patrich Reedy    Big Shark Racing      
5th     Jeff Yielding      Dogfish           
6th     Jim Klages        Big Shark Racing     
7th     Jeff Hemmer     Gateway Cycling         
8th     Craig Farrell      Velo Force          
9th     Phillip Stutz      Big Shark Racing         
10th   Jose Bermudez  Big Shark Racing           
11th    Dodd Slawson   Labor Power           
12th    Lewis Reece     Velo Force           
13th    Mike Leistner    Mesa Cycles           
14th    Mark Hasler      ICCC           
15th    Greg Girouard   Manchester Racing           
16th    John Reimbold   Heckawee  

C Race:

1st     Dave Grenda       St. Louis Cycling Club         
2nd     Brian Kindel       Big Shark Racing           
3rd    Brett Billings       Bike Surgeon          
4th     Matt Siemens     Team Mack        
5th     James Nelson     Big Shark Racing           
6th     Matt Kessler       Unattached           
7th     Bill Howells        Unattached           
8th     John Donjoian    GORC          
9th     Amy Strahan      Big Shark Racing     Check Womens Results      
10th   Scott Wallace      ICCC           
11th   Peter Goode       Unattached           
12th   Rudy Schwarz     ICCC           
13th   Mike Wilkening    Velo Force           
14th   Brian Beyer        Unattached           
15th   Craig Jensen       Unattached           
16th   Dave Smith         The Hub....bub           
17th   Mitch Faddis        Unattached           
18th   Bob Wooldridge   Big Shark Racing           
19th   Matt Fails            Unattached           
20th   Jim Cedor           Breeze Bicycles           
21st   Becky Cato         Velo Force     Check Womens Results      
22nd  Richard Hess       ICCC           
23rd   Jason Wolff         Red Wing           
24th   Jim Sullivan        Ghisallo Racing           
25th   Nick Smith          Unattached      

Women’s Race:

1st   Amy Strahan     Big Shark Racing      
2nd  Becky Cato        Velo Force     

Junior’s Race:

1st   Mike Noble    Dent Wizard