A great resource for Event flyers in the St Louis area: STLBIKING
Racing info for Missouri: MOBRA

Head South this upcoming weekend: Some freshly worked trails at a classic off road venue. April 26th brings another edition of the fine OMBA Caramba mountain bike race.

Get your midweek chrono on: Goldenberg Heller TT

More mid-MO gravel PLUS riding: Cedar Cross May 3rd

A damn fun two days of gravel riding/racing with scenic and challenging 'roads' plus some great sponsorship.

Don't miss this one April 5th and 6th: Tour of Hermann




United Federation of Dirt Series hits Weldon Springs on March 30th. Plenty of classes and great course.

Lost Valley Luau FLYER

Take the trip to Columbia, MO for the 24th edition of the Frozen Toes Road Race on 2/23.

Mid Missouri racing with plenty of early season rollers.


This is quite a festival. A one time chance to Time Trial over the river on the newly finished I-70 bridge.

Running, Duathlon and T.TT. Wow. February 8th, don't miss this: FLYER

December 8th at St. Vincent Park it's the Missouri Cycloross race for all the marbles (or at least a nice jersey).

Note there is a "staircase of doom", always a great feature for CX. FLYER



The biggest stars of American cyclocross will be racing on October 26th and 27th in Heman Park.

Great prize list to attract the local racers as well. Watch/Race/Watch for a full weekend that includes an Expo.

Website with all the details.



Dogfish Cylcocross results are posted at USAC.

More racing in Mid Missouri with CoMO Cyclocross Cup in Columbia on 9/21

We're only a few weeks out from the Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Series, beginning on 10/13