A great resource for Event flyers in the St Louis area: STLBIKING
Racing info for Missouri: MOBRA

Results for 2012 Froze Toes road race posted here!

The final two races of  Boss Cross for 2011 return to the Raytown BMX Track December 3rd and 4th. The Saturday race concludes the points for the Series, while the Sunday race is a stand only event serving as the Missouri State Cyclocross Championship. Plenty of nearby places to stay for this 'twofer' KC weekend.

November 19th, Columbia, MO has what's billed as an 'awesome' race. Check out the details here.

Almost here, the long running and popular Bubba Cyclocross events start up with a night time event. http://bigshark.com/articles/2011-big-sharks-bubba-memorial-cyclocross-series-pg757.htm

Sunday Sept. 25th, just across the river, is the second race of the Pride Inc. Cyclocross Series: Flyer

Good racing under the lights (and earlier). Full Results.

Day One Results from the Hermann Dogfish Cyclocross. Click on the attachment below for the scoop on Wednesday night 9/21 Gateway Cup Cyclocross.

Day Two Results.

The St. Louis Region hits the big time with the upcoming Herman Dogfish Cyclocross events, followed by the midweek Gateway Cup cyclocross. Expect to see some of the top stars of CX at all these events, the latter a feature event in the national 'Cross Under the Lights Series.