Tulsa News Shorts 7/31/12

Rick East notes a few happenings coming upĀ around Tulsa:

"The biggest cyclocross race in OK! Dates have been set for Ruts and Guts, Showdown at sundown weekend. Nov 8-10 Fri nite , sat and Sunday races."

Wednesday Night Ride options: for kids:


MonoCoggers- These are the kids on single speed bikes that will do a lap on the river trail from 3-5miles.

YoungGears- These are going to be the kids that have just started, or have been on geared bikes for a short time. 8-12miles. They will stay on the trail as well.

MidPackers- These are our older kids that have been cycling for a while, but aren't ready to make the jump to the racer group. These kids will do 20-30miles on the WNR loop.

Racers- these are the independent ones that can do the whole loop. Ride leaders will help with pack skills and other skills required to complete the big loop.